Raised bed mini allotments

Welcome to Greenway Consulting

Promoting and Supporting Sustainable Food Production

At this time, many people are looking to save money by growing their own food. They also want to live greener, healthier and more active lives. There is an great increase in the demand for allotments, green gyms, where people can enjoy quiet times and meet up with like minded friends. Greenway are a small team of specialists who are passionate about such community managed greenspace initiatives.

What do we do?

It's simple. We have the knowledge, experience and ability to plan, build and empower sustainable food production projects specifically to suit your ambitions.

Our consultants have been at the forefront of sustainable food production projects for over 15 years. During this time we have developed systems to enable individuals, groups and communities to recycle organic waste, promote soil regeneration and produce wonderful, organic produce – delicious and nutritious - within a socially enriching environment.

Powerful stuff!

What does that mean?

Basically; in our Waste-to-Food process, we will show you how to use a simple HotBox composting unit to quickly process your kitchen and garden waste. The product is then converted into a extremely potent organic fertiliser, wormcast, in our wooden wormeries. This wormcast, which has been enriched with the essential trace elements which can be missing from most foods, can then be used to grow the healthiest fruit, vegetables and plants which money just cannot buy! This process allows soil to be regenerated into an enriched state producing organic produce throughout the year.

Our projects have enabled individuals to come together to work on climate changing initiatives, to grow local produce and build the "social capital" of their communities. This can at the core of any Transition Town initiative.

Greenway has extensive experience of working with a variety of client groups to develop their own community gardens to produce sustainable food production at a community level. No two clients have the same vision and needs.

Who do we work with?

We are able to engage across the public, private and social sectors of the economy.

Working with individuals, schools, community groups, community service, rehab projects and local authorities/councils, we provide the expertise required to facilitate the creation of long-term, sustainable food production programmes that add social value and growth to communities nationwide.

Greenway has worked successfully with funding bodies promoting sustainable community initiatives. At this time, public project funding is available through out these sectors to facilitate community sustainable growth. Greenway are currently engaging with numerous communities providing project management for government and public sector funded projects.