Ron explains the concept

Meet the Team

Ronald Gilchrist, BSc, MSc, MIBiol, ACIWM, FLS heads the Team based on 40 years' experience of environmental technologies, concept design and education. He is a technical adviser in modern and innovative environmental, green space, organics recycling and sustainable community issues and serves on the Committee of the Association for Organics Recycling Scotland.

Sam Jess is our trainer and will provide demonstration of, and training in, best practice in the Waste-to-Food process – thermophilic composting, mineral enrichment, vermiculture, soil fertility and intensive food production. He will provide advice based on 35 years' experience in the field and in delivering training to excluded groups within our society.

Sandy Neillands is our fieldworker specialist, working with clients in all weathers demonstrating best practice and encouraging the best form of learning – learning by doing.

Marion Gilchrist, MA has over 30 years experience in primary education – most as a depute head teacher – and has expertise in supporting the teaching / delivery of environmental projects. She is the Coordinator of all Greenways activities.

As important as any of these to the success of a project is the enthusiasm and commitment of the client – the individual, community, school or enterprise.

Fairlie Community Garden

Greenway is based in Fairlie in Ayrshire and a project that is close to out heart – geographically and emotionally – is this, our local village, initiative. It is an excellent example of what can be achieved in a community.

This project has grown from a brownfield site to a bespoke community sustainable food production garden with over £100,000 of investment to provide 80 mini allotment raised beds for food and plant production. Find out about what one village did on a derelict contaminated brownfield site at

Greenway can design, build and deliver a similar project to suit your community.